Saturday, May 1, 2010

Prom Hairstyles

Face Shape Guide

prom-hairstylesWhen you think about the prom hairstyles, there are two things to consider when choosing one: hairstyle trends and more importantly, your face shape. Hairstyle Trends - This year is all about a very natural look. Gone are the days where hair didn't move because of the massive amount of hairspray on it. Big hair is also a thing of the past. Words that best capture this year's trends are soft, loose, and natural.

Face Shape - This is the most important factor when selecting a hairstyle. Here are some common face shapes and hairstyles that complement each shape.

Long and Thin
Adding width to a long thin face is the goal. If you choose to wear your hair down and long, loose waves at the side of your face will look lovely and add balance to your look. If an up-do is your desired look for your prom, keep the hair loose and adding curls around the face to add width. Curls at the back of the neck will also add interest.
Adding height with your hair will give the appearance of a longer face. If you choose to wear your hair down, keeping it close to the face will a perfect strategy for a round face. You can either wear it straight or wavy, just make sure that there is not volume at the sides. If you wish to have an up-do, adding height at the top will elongate your face.

Just about any hairstyle will complement an oval shaped face. You can wear your hair up or down, long or short. You may also choose to experiment with trends. One of the most popular looks at this time is called "beach waves." This look has your hair in uncontrolled waves, just like you spent the day at the beach.
Softening the jaw line is a good plan if you have a square face. This can be done by having your hair styled above or below your jaw-line. Soft waves look especially flattering on a square face (J K).

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