Friday, April 30, 2010

Modern Hairstyles

Modern Hairstyles For 2010

modern-hairstylesThere are certain things you cannot make hair do. You should consider these before you choose one of the many modern hairstyles. When you try to make short straight hair go back from the face you are going against the natural tendencies of your hair.

Straight hair should be worn toward the face, because you must proceed on the assumption that the most natural thing for straight hair to do, following the laws of gravity, is to fall down toward the face. Taking advantage of this knowledge would mean cutting the hair to the exact length you want the finished hairdo to be, and then curling it ever so slightly to give a bend to the ends. Curls should never make more than one complete turn when brushed out. Hair is at its best when it makes half a turn.

Curly hairstyles can be worn either down or back. The reason it will stay back or up at the sides is that each hair is self-supporting. It needs no other hair to rest on to support it. Curly hair, wavy or bent hair can stay free of the head and assume some shape other than straight. Curly hair, when left one length, will wave. Cut it short, confuse it, -and it will curl. The more you confuse it, the more variety of patterns it will assume. Confuse straight hair and you will have- holes or steps.

Approaching your choice of modern hairstyles with this knowledge will not only help you to understand your hair but will eliminate many a problem that is caused by trying for hairdos that the hair simply cannot retain.

In the light of these points, choose the hairdo you want, in some version that will be becoming to you. Then consider the time and the amount of care it will entail. Hair care depends almost entirely on how much curl your hair has. If you have fairly straight hair and are in the habit of pin-curling it tightly, you will find that the pin-curling will not last as long as when you barely turn up the ends. This is true because the hair still retains its barely straight shape, causing it to fall into its own natural straight patterns. Fairly curly hair can be brushed into shape, and very curly hair can be pin-curled when washed to get the desired effect.

I have always been an exponent of the beauties of straight hair and have devoted much time to the study of its styling. Contrary to the opinion of many straight-haired girls, it has a very definite place in the fashion picture, because simplicity of line in hair styling is the most beautiful. My aim has always been to find new ways of cutting hair and to add more hairdos for the straight-haired woman.

To look really well, straight hair depends almost entirely on the cutting. When cut, it should not have the body or thickness cut out. When the body is left in, there will be more chance for any slight natural wave to be developed. Body also helps the hairdo to hold its shape better (K A).

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