Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fauxhawk Haircut for Asian Guys

The Fauxhawk is a very popular haircut in US, UK, the famous football player David Beckham have sports classic Fauxhawk haircut, very cool and stylish. Now, the faux hawk style is hot in Asia right now, in China, Japan and Koran, there are a lot guys sport the short-medium faux hawk hairstyle. A messy fauxhawk style can exude confidence and portray a rebellious side.

In order to style the stylish faux hawk hairstyle you need a strong hair gel. The length of your hair doesn’t matter,you can have short hair and medium length hair, however, the shorter your hair the easier to get your fauxhawk ready in the morning, but having a longer fauxhawk can also create a cooler, messier effect. Simply spread some hair gel on your fingers and palms and evenly distribute the gel throughout your hair. Once your hair has enough gel, start smoothing your hair into a faux hawk style with your palms. You may need to have your barber cut it so that the middle of your hair is longer than the sides. Tell your barber that you are looking to achieve a fauxhawk and he should be able to help.

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