Sunday, May 23, 2010

Summer Hairstyles

For the fashionistas in the Northern Hemisphere, summer is no doubt a delightful thought, though a lot are still in the grips of winter with chilly days and nights to face. Still, with March in full swing, spring is just a matter of weeks away, which means summer couldn't be far behind. And every woman wants to look her beautiful best during summer hairstyles.

summer-hairstylesTo say that this article is a trend report is actually a misstatement. If we were to describe every key haircut, hair style and hair color trend for 2010, we know for sure we cannot do it justice. Styles, lengths, and all sorts of cuts including buns, rolls and bobs are everywhere once again. Generally, styles are becoming more casual and free compared to the past year's neat precision cuts and styles; styles and trends are unpredictable and anybody's guess. All the same, this is an attempt to compile some of the goings on in the latest hair styles, so read on and find out about summer hairstyles for 2010.

summer-hairstylesThe Ever-living Bob
Back in the scene again, the perennial bob cut has evolved into strong graphic outlines combining curves and sharp lines. Asymmetry is the order of the day with one side longer; or you can raise the back (shorter) and lower the front (longer). Don't be scared to gradually mix lengths, add volume with layers or stick to one length cuts, if that's more comfortable.

summer-hairstylesFringe with a Bang
This is another hot item for summer 2010. You can either add elegance or deliver a bold statement with fringes. Make your own variations and go for fringes that put forward your personality and facial features. You have a variety of choice from soft and wispy, casual choppy edges or strong bold lines - they are all guaranteed to be hot.
summer-hairstylesLong Hair Doesn't Have To Take Long
Women are busy, multi-tasking creatures and it's no surprise that they are opting for hair styles that they think would save them time as well as free them from worrying about their hair. Hair styles for summer 2010 can now allow you to wear your hair long, look fabulous and still be ready to get going in five minutes instead of an hour. A convenient way to wear long hair without getting anxious about time is to have straight layers.

Braid-a-Frizz Brigade
Braids and plaits are your wonder-friends for hard to manage frizz. They help hide the frizz as they pull back and smooth the hair. The braid brigade has to be the biggest trend for summer 2010, falling in two distinct camps: tight and sleek like state-of-the art hair architecture or the surfer chic version, which is more loosely worn in matte, roughly textured plaits snaking over the shoulders - and it doesn't even require gloss spray (Rebekah Johnson).

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