Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Shag Hairstyles

shag-hairstylesShag hairstyles interesting, pretty and easy maintenance. This gives a confidence for women of all ages and looks great in all kinds of long hair. The name was taken from the word 'shaggy' because when the hair is cut in layers or irregular patterns that provide wrinkle or look heavy.

Trendy hair style was first invented by John Sahag somewhere in the 1970s. It was first exhibited publicly in the movie Klute Jane Fonda in 1971 but the trend became popular when worn by celebrities Jennifer Aniston on the popular sitcom Friends. After that hair style is less attractive but the last few years and today has become one of the hottest trends.

Shag hairstyles is the perfect choice for women with round or plump faces soften as the style of plumpness of the face and offers a look slim. Those who have long hair can easily go for this hair cut and add to the beauty with their striking personalities.

The reason many women choose to cut the trendy because Shag hairstyle is easy to maintain. Even then a number of treatments should be provided for regardless of the type of hair cut or style.

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